Digital X-Ray

Our digital X-Ray system is another one of our investments in technology that helps us serve our patients better. Unlike traditional x-rays, the digital x-ray captures the image and sends it directly to the computer, instead of putting it on film.

This technology allows the doctors of SBJI to view images almost immediately, allowing for greater flexibility and increased speed of diagnosis. This also enables the doctors to view the images much more quickly than they would if they had to wait for x-ray film to develop, saving patients valuable time out of their day.

Another benefit of the digital x-ray technology is that when requested, it is easier to SBJI to copy the image for another healthcare provider or patient, saving the patient time and money.

A typical x-ray takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of views the technician needs to take of the appendage. As with an MRI, the patient should be prepared to remove any metal objects from their body. In addition, patients must notify the technician if they are pregnant or think they may be pregnant.