Our Team

Our team of skilled orthopaedic physicians and specialists offer state-of-the-art medical care, from diagnosis and treatment, to rehabilitation and recovery. Our team is dedicated to restoring you to a full life as quickly as possible.

When you turn to Southwest Bone and Joint Institute for care, you’re in good hands.

Our Front Office Staff

Sandy Ellison: Office Manager/Billing Specialist

Marie Quintana Serna: Accounts receivable/Scheduling Clerk

Anita Ybarra: Front Desk Check In Receptionist

Denelle Vazquez: Front Desk Check Out Receptionist

Grace Phillips: Accounts Receivable/Collections Clerk

Andrea Ortiz: Medical Records/Authorization Clerk

Mikaila Lamar: Claims Processing Clerk

Kristina Vega: Front Desk Receptionist

Our Back Office Staff

Evelyn Vasquez: Radiographic Technologist

Lynette Hernandez: Medical Assistant

Lydia Valencia: Medical Assistant

Guadalupe Marquez: Medical Assistant

Rudy Pena: Radiographic Technologist

Ashley Castillo: Radiographic Technologist

Barbara Scarsella: Radiographic Technologist

Our Therapy Staff

Zach Mead: Physical Therapist

Scott Hill: Physical Therapist

Keith Stanley: Occupational Therapist

Chris Mehling: Physical Therapy Assistant

Dana Dominguez: Occupational Therapy Assistant

Rebecca Brueggemann: Physical Therapist

Barbara Torres: Therapy Technician

Sue Schiowitz: Therapy Receptionist

Our Physicians

Brian Robinson: Orthopedic Surgeon/Founder

Roberto Carreon: Orthopedic Surgeon

Sravanthi Reddy: Physiatrist

Rick Lemke: Physician Assistant

Our Office Administration/Facilities

Michael McMillan: Operations Officer / Athletic Trainer

Sandy Seitzinger: Payroll/Accountants Payable Clerk

Vangie Chapin: Custodian

Our Administrative Team

Brian Robinson

Sandy Ellison

Evelyn Vasquez

Lynette Hernandez

Zach Mead

Sue Schiowitz

Michael McMillan